• Squall - Squall will slash the air twice, then turn his back on the camera with his Gunblade resting on his shoulder.
  • Zell - Zell pumps his fists in the air a few times.
  • Quistis - Quistis stretches out her arms with her whip.
  • Rinoa - Rinoa jumps up with her hands in the air a few times, then twists backward while flipping her hair.
  • Selphie - Selphie jumps up in the air and proceeds to swing her weapon, striking a cutesy pose at the end, shaking a hip.
  • Irvine - Irvine twirls his gun a little until he lays it on his shoulders, fixes his hat, and then points.
  • Seifer - Seifer swings his Gunblade several times, then holds it with both hands and lowers it in front of his face, identical to how he often poses outside of battle.
  • Edea - Edea raises out her arms, then closes her hands together and bows.
  • Laguna - Laguna clenches his fists, punches the air and raises his machine gun.
  • Kiros - Kiros crosses his arms, with his Katar held in front of his shoulders and bows. This pose is noticeably similar to the Yevon prayer in Final Fantasy X.
  • Ward - Ward rotates his harpoon over his head and rests it across his back.

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